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Plan 7 Dist

Name: Plan 7 Dist
Founded: 1985
Founder: Mike Fütch
Country: USA

Underground label that mainly released Mike Fütch Projects until merging with Corpqii Productions.



P7D-001 Nutty Faith It's Our Job! 1985
P7D-002 Crazed Bunnyz Achtung: Musik Klirrfaktor 1986
P7D-003 Castaway Original Soundtrack, Part 1 1986
P7D-004 Johnny Quest Transition 1986
P7D-005 Mike Fütch Kansas (Castaway Part 2) 1986
P7D-007 Mike Fütch Buy Dis Album Ore God Will Disconnect My Fone (Castaway Part 3) 1987
P7D-008 Mike Fütch The Girl in the Book 1987
P7D-009 Crazed Bunnyz Live! 1987
P7D-010 Fütch 12 1987
P7D-012 Various Artists Burnt Offerings 1987
P7D-013 Crazed Bunnyz Blutgasse 1988