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Raspberry Jam

Alternative Rock
Upland, California, USA

Drummer Wes Faulk and bassist Herb Grimaud formed the alternative rock outfit Raspberry Jam in 1991 in the Southern California scene which also gave birth to the Violet Burning and the Prayer Chain. They added vocalist/guitarist Phillip Kim and guitarists Nathan Nobis and Flames to expand their sound. Nathan headed off to college and Angel Short joined the band. A 4 song demo was recorded in 1992. The band, rooted in freestyle funk-rock, signed to Metro One. They then recorded and released Chi-Ro in 1993. After that, Angel left and the band added female vocalist Destiny for its second album, Oceanic (released in 1995). Phillip and Destiny left the band, so Dana (from Return) joined the band. At that point, they had enough material for a third album, but Metro One wasn't interested. The band dissolved and the material for the third album died with the band.


1991 Raspberry Jam (ep)
1993 Buzz
1993 Chi-Ro Metro One
1995 Oceanic Metro One