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Reality Shock

Alternative Rock

“Nathan Lyle: Reality Shock (1992 – 1996) - A band that went through several transformations. Instruments played at different stages included guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and lead vocals. Released one cassette recording, Sorry, We’re Not From Seattle.” (from


1996 Sorry, We're Not From Seattle

Sorry, We're Not From Seattle

1996 Independent

  1. Private Hell
  2. Just a Little Thing (We Do)
  3. Waiting Room Magazine
  4. Helium Die
  5. Daylight Saving Time
  6. Intermission
  7. Dirt
  8. John Doe
  9. Happyhappyjoyjoy
  10. Something in D major, opus 15, number 52
  11. Stuff

This is the demo release of this band. A full length CD project was scheduled for the summer of 1996, but appears to never have happened.