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Rodent Rocket Records

Name: Rodent Rocket Records
Founded: 1997?
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

“Rodent Rocket Records (R3) was a Punk/Ska/Emo division of extreme christian music label Cling Recordings out of Grand Rapids Michigan (released such bands as Loogie Soup, Looking Jonny?, Caustic Emminence, Twitch, Concrete, Omega Rage).”



Twitch the I/NzE 1997 Cassette
Twitch silentKAOS 1997 Cassette
Christian Plumber Love Without Hate 1998 Cassette
R3CD002 Looking Jonny? Life With Jim H. 1998 CD, Cassette
ROD3200 Stonefly Stonefly 1999 CD, Cassette
Christian Plumber Chaos 2001 Cassette