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S.S. (Soldiers of Salvation)

Alternative Rock
Los Angeles, California, USA

Surfer Dan and Louie Rodrigez were formerly in Thee Underdogz.


19?? S.S. (Soldiers of Salvation)

S.S. (Soldiers of Salvation)

19?? Independent

Julie Tazoi - Vocals and guitars
Surfer Dan - Vocals, guitar, and Piano
Louie Rodriguez - Bass
Javier Figueroa - Drums

  1. Das Kroitz (The Cross)
  2. Merchant of Mercy
  3. Haunted by the Ghost
  4. One
  5. Coffee for the Zombieholic
  6. Salt of the Earth
  7. Sower the Seed
  8. California Shock
  9. She Said, She Said (Lennon / McCartney)
  10. White Hate
  11. The Sleeper
  12. An Evening With Wally
  13. I Beckon