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Heavy Metal
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Sabotage was a Heavy Metal band formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1982. They quickly built up a devoted following in the local area with their epic, moody Heavy Metal sound and became a popular feature on the Detroit club scene of the time.

In 1983 the band recorded their debut album, the eleven song Cloudborne, financing the sessions themselves. A schizophrenic affair, the album veers between the epic heavy sound of the band's beginnings and the more polished Hard Rock style which they were beginning to pursue.

With no record deal forthcoming, the band were forced to self-release the album on cassette in early 1984 and use the tape as a demo to try to stir up some label interest.

Signing a deal with the small IHM Record label, the band recorded a five song self-titled Mini LP in late 1984 which was released early the following year. Chuck Gugel, the lead singer of Messiah (and brother of drummer and main songwriter Glenn Gugel) produced the EP while also working with the band. However, this final recording is more of a hard rock sound with occasional prog-rock flourishes.

Around the time of the EP's release, guitarist John Patrick left. The band was not able to find a suitable replacement, so Sabotage folded.

Vocalist Doug Tucker & John Patrick formed a band called Tarot along with former members of Pony Express (not the Jeff Cloud indie rock band) and Death Wish. They released a demo in late 1985. This band was to be short lived when Tucker rejoined his former Sabotage band-mates under the new band name of Dying Breed.

John Patrick would again resurface in the late 1980's with the tongue-in-cheek Thrash band Sgt. Billhead. This band released a 12 song demo in 1990 called Apocalypso.

Following Dying Breed's dissolution, bassist Chris Bezas and drummer Glenn Gugel formed a new band called Saddletramp. This band recorded a couple of early '90's demo tapes and played extensively around the Michigan area. Patrick and Tucker would later work together yet again when both joined a new line-up of early '80's Detroit band Illusion in 1997. Illusion went on to release at least four albums.


1984 Cloudbourne
1985 Sabotage EP IHM Records


1984 Independent

Doug Tucker - Vocals
John Patrick - Guitar
Larry Renier - Guitar
Chris Bezas - Bass
Glenn Gugel - Drums

  1. Purgatory
  2. The Distance
  3. Rest in Peace
  4. High-Heeled Shoes
  5. Frozen Timeless
  6. Prophecies
  7. Never Gonna Come Back
  8. Leaving Home
  9. The Vampire
  10. In Flames
  11. Ghost

Sabotage EP

1985 IHM Records (IHM L57375)

Doug Tucker - Lead vocals, keyboards
Larry Renier - Guitar, vocals
Chris Bezas - Bass
Glenn Gugel - Drums, percussion

  1. Hero
  2. Finger Light Eternal Fire
  3. We the Undead
  4. Deadly Game
  5. Road to Ruin