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Satellite Circle

Alternative Rock
Orlando, Florida, USA

“Orlando's Satellite Circle could hardly be called an overnight success. Bassist Texas, vocalist and keyboardist Alexander Corday and drummer Blake Osborne have been making music together in any number of different bands since 1991. In December of 1995, the group, at this point named Satellite Circle, entered Platinum Post Studios near Orlando to record their debut EP, Fade. The EP was released in March of 1996 on the band's own Steeldog Records, gaining favorable reviews from several Christian music magazines and placing two of its five tracks, “Inside” and “You,” into the modern rock Top 20.

Over the next three years, the band toured extensively, recorded an unreleased album, 1998's Satellite Republic, and appeared on several compilation efforts. In early 1999, the band moved north to Nashville and, by the summer of that year, were voted one of the top 25 unsigned bands by 7-Ball Magazine. In February of 2000, the band, which had changed its name to Metropolis six months prior, signed with Dez Dickerson's Absolute Records and released their Absolute debut, International!, in April.”

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1996 Fade Steeldog Records
1998 Satellite Republic (unreleased)


1996 Steeldog Records

Texas - Bass guitar
Alexander Corday - vocals and keyboards
Blake Osborne - Drums

  1. Pulse (3:52)
  2. You (radio edit) (3:05)
  3. Inside (2:39)
  4. Fade (6:10)
  5. You (3:42)

Satellite Republic

1998 Unreleased