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Say What?


From Trent Dean (Facebook comments): “OK guys. I'm coming out. I am “The Dean” …the voice of Say What. I did all the raps. The female vocalist -“Tiny Tina” was our friend Tina Vallejo. And “TMOK” - guest rapper on the song -“Brother Brother” was (still is) my brother Todd! The producer - “Mix Master Mighty White” was my good friend Brian Tankersley. So ….Steve Taylor had NOTHING to do with this. Brian and I wrote and recorded the entire record in 3 weeks. In Los Angeles. Toluca Lake to be exact. So. What else would you like to know…boyyyyyyyyyy……..

It did come out of nowhere! haha We were hired by the label - Star Song Records - to do the project. I had just gotten off the Eye 2 I tour with Michael W. Smith. It was a blast making it. My sense of humor is a bit twisted (as you have all heard)… So it was a perfect storm. Brian and I have talked about doing a new one sometime. Maybe we will!?!

The follow-up was indeed Nuclear Fishin' (a title I was really proud of for our “fish” theme.) After Fresh Fish, I was signed briefly to Chrysalis Records and released an album for them in 91. Then that went bust. Star Song offered same deal to do another. So I did! This time with a slightly different team.

I pushed the envelope on “Put out the Fire” …caused a few - shall we say - heated discussions with the label and producer. But I was pretty passionate about there being another viewpoint out there. I also was just getting over a cold… which explains the deeper voice. Hows that for trivia!?

There weren't any Say What? live performances. The label set us up to be incognito. So since we couldn't reveal our identities… Big mistake though. Ya can't promote a new band without touring. Or at least videos. So it all kinda ended as quick as it started.”


1990 Say What? Fresh Fish Star Song Records
1991 Trent Dean Livin' It Up Chrysalis Records
1992 Say What? Nuclear Fishin' Star Song Records

Fresh Fish

1990 Star Song Records

The Dean (Trent Dean) - Vocals, percussion, keys, and sampling
Mix Master Mighty White (Brian Tankersley) - Producer …and chief programmer

Super special guests:
Tiny Tina (Tina Vallejo) - She sang higher! (vocals on tracks #2, 5)
T-Mok (Todd Dean) - Brother Brother (vocals on tracks #5, 8)

Contained the #1 CCM CHR single: “I Can Sing Higher”. A comedy song about singer Sandi Patty.

  1. Fresh Fish (4:21)
  2. Back In A Big Way (3:53)
  3. Step Off (The Stage) (3:36)
  4. Say What? (2:40)
  5. Brother-Brother (5:03)
  6. I Can Sing Higher (4:42)
  7. VG Veggies (3:32)
  8. We're Stupid (3:00)
  9. Johnny Fencerider (4:28)

Livin' It Up

1991 Chrysalis Records

  1. Livin' It Up
  2. She's a Trip
  3. Your Right to Left
  4. Rock?
  5. Ain't No Need
  6. Now You're Gone
  7. Luv Thing
  8. George and Takisha
  9. Smile
  10. Terminally Hip
  11. Tuba Tunin'
  12. Getupsidedown
  13. Please
  14. Kiss My Life

Nuclear Fishin'

1992 Star Song Records

  1. Invitation (0:09)
  2. Keep On Dancin (3:56)
  3. Information (4:05)
  4. The Wrong Place (0:06)
  5. Whachagonnado (4:11)
  6. Say What? II (3:28)
  7. Put Out The Fire (3:45)
  8. Star Spangled Sundae (4:08)
  9. All Good Wox (0:15)
  10. Video Babe (3:48)
  11. Swingin' Richard (0:49)
  12. Flyin' (4:47)
  13. Don't Let The Devil Get You Down (3:01)