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Sean Doty

Alternative Rock
San Francisco, California, USA

Sean Doty is known as the lead singer / guitarist for Veil of Ashes. He has released one solo album so far, under the moniker of Unveiled. His backing band was the The 77s along with others. He has recently announced plans to record another solo album.

He also produced the Life Without You demo for Society.


1999 Unveiled Youth Music Ninety Degree Records

Youth Music

1999 Ninety Degree Records (ND05-01)

Sean Doty - Lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals
Michael Roe - Guitar, backing vocals
Brad Barth - Keyboards, backing vocals
Mark Harmon - Bass
Bruce Spencer - Drums
Joe Linn - Percussion

Produced by Michael Roe

  1. Eve of Destruction (3:36)
  2. Baby You're to Die For (4:52)
  3. Sleep (5:11)
  4. Jesus Drove a Cadillac (4:19)
  5. My Town (3:10)
  6. Price of a Soul (4:33)
  7. Veil the Blue (6:06)
  8. Sympathy for the Devil (7:46)
  9. I'd Rather Have Jesus (2:04)
  10. Forgive Me (3:43)
  11. Won by One (3:30)

Compilation Appearances

Demonstrations of Love (1997 Paste Magazine)
15) Brian Healy with Sean Doty - Glory (Slo Glo 1) (4:06)