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Sheri Shaw

Electronic / Industrial
Chicago area, Illinois, USA

Sheri Swaback was originally a member of the electronic pop band Hip Dream. In 1994, she was engaged to Wally Shaw of Deitiphobia fame, leading her to join his band on keyboards and vocals from 1994-2001. She changed her name to Sheri Shaw at this point as well. Wally and Sherri want on to form Vivid, which changed names to Massivivid. She has also sung vocals for bands such as Sheltershed, The Echoing Green, Delta-S, and others.

At some point around 2000-2001, Sherri and Wally divorced, and she left both Deitiphobia and Massivivid. In 2007 she began working on a project called Sstaria with Lyte of the industrial / progressive trance band Delta-S. She has released some music under her real name since then, but most music since 2007 has been released as part of Sstaria. One of the singles under her name is a cover of the Veronica Mars theme song “We Used to be Friends” originally by The Dandy Warhols.


1997 Sheri Shaw
2000 Demos

Sheri Shaw

1997 Independent

  1. Over & Over
  2. Flower Girl
  3. Change My World
  4. Faith
  5. Flattered


2000 Independent

  • Faith
  • Flattered
  • Flowergirl
  • No One But You
  • No One But You (acoustic)

(Unsure of the source or order of these songs, or even if they were meant to be one full demo. They probably came from or some similar early music share website. Or they could be part of the self-titled release below.)


2013 We Used to be Friends
2016 Magic (feat Howie Beno)