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Simon Elvin

Rock / Pop
Plymouth, Devonshire, England


1985 Apart From Me Broken Records (UK)
1987 Somewhere in Time Myrrh Records

Apart From Me

1985 Broken Records (UK)

Simon Elvin – Lead vocals, piano, synthesizers, clarinet, acoustic guitar, drums, rhythm programmes

Dave Wellington – Backing vocals
Linda Nicols – Backing vocals, duet on “The Need in Me”
Steve Wheeler – Lead guitar, backing vocals on “Warriors”

  1. Feeling the Love
  2. Party
  3. Years Go By
  4. The Need in Me
  5. Little Star
  6. Can't Waste Another Day
  7. Every Day
  8. One in a Million
  9. Suddenly
  10. Warriors
  11. His Love

Somewhere in Time

1987 Myrrh Records

  1. Another Land
  2. Caught in the Clouds
  3. His Love
  4. Lifetime
  5. Somewhere in Time
  6. King for a Day
  7. Stepping in Time With You
  8. The Need in Me
  9. An Eye for an Eye
  10. This One Love
  11. Love Will Take Me Home