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Sold Out

Blues Rock
Benton, Arkansas, USA


19?? Demo
19?? You Can't Take It With Ya!
1991 New Way a Thinkin'


19?? Independent

You Can't Take It With Ya!

19?? Independent

Lois Sikes
Scott Parker

  1. Good Ole Rock n’ Roll
  2. Just a Little Bit More
  3. Tell a Friend About Jesus
  4. Give Your Life to Jesus
  5. Never Let This World Tear Us Apart
  6. The Reason I Sing This Song

New Way a Thinkin'

1991 Independent

  1. New Way a Thinkin'
  2. Ya Can't Take It With Ya
  3. The Hellsong
  4. God Don't Need Your Money
  5. Shoe Song
  6. Today Is the Day