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Son of Nun

Band:Son of Nun
Origin:Cleveland, Tennessee, USA
Alternative Rock
Roots Rock
Years Active:1996
Members:Jay Hysinger, Marty Usery, Loyd Harp, Frank Aprea, Brad
Associated Acts:Granny Smith, Marty J. Usery, DJ Deikon, Modern Method, Lisan Al-Gaib, Falling Down

Son of Nun were a regional band from SE Tennessee, who formed out of a local youth group worship band. They played a handful of local gigs before going separate ways as members moved away or got involved in other things. They played a traditional rock style, influenced by both alternative rock and roots rock. No recordings were issued.

  • Jay Hysinger: Lead Vocals
  • Marty Usery: Guitars, Vocals
  • Loyd Harp: Bass Guitar
  • Brad: Electric Guitar
  • Frank Aprea: Drums