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Spyke Lhard

Parody Music


1990 Righteous Dementia

Righteous Dementia

1990 Independent

  1. El Shaddai?
  2. Knock Him Down
  3. Trends
  4. Bartley's 6
  5. Smash the Guitar
  6. I Cover Them, They Cover Me
  7. Tutti Fruitti
  8. Jesus Is Good
  9. Curieux
  10. I Cover Them, They Cover Me (underground outtake)
  11. I'm Not Talkin' About the Pigeons

Ryan Jennings (Facebook comment): “OK, it was Spyke Lhard, who put out a cheap Maxell tape around that time. You could get a copy for free by writing to him. In turn, he would send you a cheap copy and cover, along with a letter in which he'd give you a Lhard pseudonym. His tape was reviewed in Heaven's Metal or White Throne. I can't remember which.”