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Stef Loy

Alternative Rock
Grandville, Michigan, USA

Former member of Perry & The Poorboys and former leader of The Miscellaneous.

“In the past Stef Loy has screamed at us: this diary unfolds if you'll just let me out.

These days, free of the constraints of any band or ideal, Stef has definitely been let out of his cage to hunt down and find his own direction in music. His latest CD Lamentations of Ecstasy is a loud reminder of what happens when a performer truly seeks freedom in their art…

Stef Loy is a recording artist who you can sometimes catch playing live in the Chicago area, too. His songs have been described as poetic, eerie, painful and prophetic. His influences run the gamut from the Cure and the Choir to Radiohead, Michael Knott and the philosophies of the late John Cage. Stef works on his recordings at the white house, a home studio he has built from the ground up. His current project, “JD’s Last Dance,” started as an alt-country or folk project but is changing into something scarier as he goes.

Stef has worked with several record labels around the globe including FM Revolver (England), Graydot (USA), Megaphone (Sweden), and more recently Velvet Blue Music (USA). His current endeavors are motivated purely out of selfish reasons and for this reason he chooses to record independently. His label, Hobson Road Records, has now put out three CDs, including a brilliant Christmas album in which guitar virtuoso Ryan Trommer was able to show off his classical abilities.

Outside of music Stef loves film, roller blading, skiing and sky diving. The recent addition of his daughter Genesis has been a great source of joy too. At only a few months old she was falling asleep to Coldplay, proof that there was no baby switching at the hospital.

Many people don’t know this, but when Stef was younger he actually convinced himself that he wrote the song “Afternoon Delight.” For years he thought he'd penned the tune when he was in third grade, until at a video store one day he actually heard it being played. This was a hard moment for Stef. Another little known fact from Stef's life is that once, in a great display of physical human strength, he beat up a car wash. That is most likely a story you’d have to ask him about in person, though.”


2002 Lamentations of Ecstasy Hobsond Rd. Records
2004 J.D.'s Last Dance

Lamentations of Ecstasy

2002 Hobsond Rd. Records

  1. P.rev01
  2. The Gospel According to St. John's Wort
  3. Moonstruck
  4. The Weight of Grace
  5. Ash
  6. Snow White
  7. Long Rd.
  8. Kiss Toward
  9. Habitat
  10. Burn Baby
  11. Death and Taxes
  12. Icebox Heart
  13. Bone to Bone
  14. Happiness
  15. 2002NT7
  16. P.rev02

“A recording dedicated to the highs and the lows since Stef has left road life. This is a collection with many different styles and extremes, from alt-rock to ambient drum and bass, then back again to Stef's isolated voice with his acoustic guitar, or even soloed with the grand piano. Lamentations of Ecstasy is a roller coaster of emotions plugged into various musical genres and made into a sound that Stef's vocals fit into quite well. Musicians featured include the brilliant guitar work of Randy Kerkman (In 3D, Yonderboy, Beki Hemingway) and the bruiser beat drumming of Chris Wicklas (The Wayside, Larry Norman). Stef's first solo CD is a triumph of his sheer will to create a product that sounds as good as any of his bands ever did if not better. Release date: 9/15/02.”

J.D.'s Last Dance

2004 Independent

“Drawing on the strength of his recently deceased grandparents from Mississippi, Stef takes a bold step in a new direction, delving into the artistic side of southern fried chicken and grass roots playbills. Enlisting some great traditional folk players like Noah Riemer and Beth Spransy (Ticklepenny Corner), as well as guitar giant Ryan Trommer and drummer Jason Morris (Nigrasine), Stef takes us down dirt trails and hillbilly ho-downs into a corn maze of pleasure. This is a diary of the music of Stef's earliest memories, when he would wake up to his grandpa's fiddle and the smell of grits heavy in the air. Project release date: Anticipating Spring, 2004.”

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