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Steve Keller

Keyboard Pop
Cedarville, Ohio, USA


1986 Stand Up Nomous Music

Stand Up

1986 Nomous Music (NM7661-04)

Steve Keller - Vocals, DX7, Emulator II, DX and DMX programming, guitar on “Don't Die Alone,” background vocals
Steve Millikan - DX7, Emulator II, additional DX and DMX programming, background vocals
Rex Thomas - Rhythm guitars
Jon Harrington - GR 707 guitar synthesizer, all guitar solos, additional rhythm guitar
Randy Melson - Bass
Dane Clark - Drums, simmons

John Bolt - “The Amazing Simulator Conga” on “Celebrate His Love”
Craig Patty - Background vocals on “Stand Up” and “Simon Says”
Joseph Lamm - Background vocals on “Stand Up”
Mike Patty - Background vocals on “Simon Says”
Kitty, Angel, Candy (not their real names) - Background vocals on “Pretty Girls”

  1. Breakaway (3:34)
  2. Celebrate His Love (3:45)
  3. Don't Die Alone (3:56)
  4. Pretty Girls (3:38)
  5. Simon Says (3:35)
  6. Stand Up (3:37)