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Strong Hand of Love: A Tribute to Mark Heard

Year: 1994
Genre: Americana / Folk Rock / Alternative Rock
Label: Myrrh Records (‎7016979385)
Producer: Dan Russell

Recorded and released in 1994, after Mark Heard's death in 1992. Proceeds benefit the Heard Family Fund.

In 1994, with Dan Russell as producer, the album was nominated for a Grammy in the Rock Gospel section.

In 1996, most of these tracks and many more were re-released as the 2-CD Orphans of God. One song, Phil Keaggy's version of “I Always Do”, was replaced by his version of “Everything is Alright.” Two tracks were dropped completely for space on Orphans: “Castaway” by Bruce Carroll and “How to Grow Up Big and Strong” by Rich Mullins.

Track Listing

  1. Kevin Max Smith - “Lonely Moon”
  2. Michael Been - “We Know Too Much”
  3. Dan Russell - “I Just Wanna Get Warm”
  4. Bruce Cockburn - “Strong Hand of Love”
  5. Kate Taylor - “Satellite Sky”
  6. Phil Keaggy - “I Always Do”
  7. Pierce Pettis - “Nod Over Coffee”
  8. Victoria Williams - “What Kind of Friend”
  9. Bruce Carroll - “Castaway”
  10. Rich Mullins - “How to Grow Up Big and Strong”
  11. Ashley Cleveland - “It's Not Your Fault”
  12. Tonio K - “Another Day in Limbo”
  13. Randy Stonehill & Pam Dwinell Miner - “Look Over Your Shoulder”
  14. Vigilantes of Love - “Freight Train to Nowhere”
  15. The Choir - “Tip of My Tongue”
  16. Buddy and Julie Miller - “Orphans of God”
  17. Chagall Guevara - “Treasure of the Broken Land”