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Talking Drums

Alternative Rock
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

From Dark Entries Records: “Dark Entries is honored to reissue the debut 12” single ‘Courage’ from Scottish band Talking Drums. Formed in Glasgow in 1981 when Charlie and Dot lived above a pub and discovered their downstairs neighbor, Carol, was a sensational singer. They quickly recruited Stewart on bass and Derek on drums and started gigging. Scotland in the early 80s had a live music scene where unsigned bands could gather a serious following and the band played every major city, helped by catchy, indie-pop tunes and Carol's explosive performances. The recorded their debut album 'Fighting To The Finish' all in a week in March 1982 and released it on cassette. 'Courage' was their first vinyl outing in the independent, cottage-industry spirit of the times, originally released on Sticky Music in late 1982. The group added a horn section and congas extending the song to 8 sprawling minutes of dubby disco funk in the vein of ESG and William Onyeabor. The studio owner, Ian, had just bought a new piece of equipment called an Aphex Aural Exciter and put the whole mix through it - maybe one reason why “Courage” sounds strangely ahead of its time.” (from


1982 Fighting to the Finish Sticky Music
1982 Courage (single) Sticky Music
1983 Demos Sticky Music
1985 Reassembly Sticky Music
1986 Pretend a Stranger (single) Sticky Music

Fighting to the Finish

1982 Sticky Music (GUM 003)

Courage EP

1982 Sticky Music (GUM 005)
2018 Dark Entries Records

Carol Moore – Lead vocals, percussion
Charlie Irvine – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Dot Irvine – Keyboards, backing vocals, maracas
Stewart McEwan – Bass
Derek Clark – Drums
Malcolm 'Hyper' Duffin – Congas

Produced Steve Butler

  1. Courage
  2. Parasuicide
  3. Descartes Lives
2018 Reissue Bonus Track
  1. Lost in the 20th Century


1983 Sticky Music (GUMM 009)

Carol E. Moore – Lead vocals
Charlie Irvine – Guitar, vocals
Dot Irvine – Keyboards, vocals
Stewart McEwin – Bass
Derek Clark – Drums

  1. Warring Couple
  2. Compromise
  3. No Surprise
  4. Reassembly of the Heart
  5. In Two Minds
  6. What Do You Want?
  7. Why Won’t You Stay?
  8. Missing
  9. Slipping


1985 Sticky Music (GUM 011)

  1. Pretend a Stranger
  2. I Do Not Fret
  3. You Do Cry a Lot
  4. Reassembly of the Heart
  5. What Do You Want?
  6. Tell Me
  7. Much Too Much
  8. Sweet July
  9. Grown-Up Children

Pretend a Stranger

1986 London Records (GUM 012)

  1. Pretend a Stranger (extended mix)
  2. Sweet July