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Experimental Noise


1996 Witchkitchen Oral Gestation Artefacts/Axis Distribution


1996 Oral Gestation Artefacts/Axis Distribution (OGA/Axis 01)

David Teledu - Larynx, guitar, bass, keyboards, performer

  1. To the Moon to Sleep
  2. Strangest Day
  3. Blood
  4. Magnetic Reptiles
  5. Desert Head
  6. Gulls
  7. The Glass Pig
  8. Flip
  9. Katrina
  10. Paper Crucifixion
  11. It's Alright
  12. Scream
  13. The Reverie of Poor Susan
  14. Electric Apples
  15. Those Sour Everydays
  16. Dangerous Lameducks
  17. Decision Time
  18. Underbelly
  19. Did You?
  20. Quick Snails
  21. Forest
  22. Shadows

“Two different limited-edition versions of this were co-released as a joint venture between Oral Gestation Artefacts in the U.S. and Axis Distribution in the U.K. The U.S. version was released as an edition of 300 professionally-duplicated chrome cassettes with handmade packaging. Engineered at Rubber Biscuit in Nottingham, England Recorded at David Higgson's home between 1992 and 1995.”