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Tenderfoot: Conceived on a tour van and born in a diner; the offspring of lead singer guitarist Brett Levson. Brett began writing songs in 1998 while on tour with Dear Ephesus. Spurred by the desire to play the music he loved, Brett soon recruited bassist Louis DeFabrizio and drummer Jeff Irizarry (also then members of Dear Ephesus). They named the newborn Rock n' Roll undertaking Tenderfoot. The boys continued to play with their other band, only playing local shows with Tenderfoot on the side.

Tenderfoot begins to walk. In 1999, the boys get a little more serious when DE breaks up allowing them to concentrate fully on rearing the new band. They start playing shows with real PA systems and decide to recruit an old friend (Adam Vandegriff) to play rhythm guitar. Near the end of the year the band records an album for Bulletproof Music out of Atlanta Georgia.

In 2000 Tenderfoot leaves behind the mischievousness of childhood and heads for the all out rebellion of adolescence. They start the year out playing 17 shows on a 19 day tour with Denison Marrs. Their record The Devil and Rock N' Roll is released in March. This summer had them playing over 50 shows in two months with Tooth & Nail Records recording artists Squad Five-0. Next up is a two week tour with Solid State Records's Blindside. Tenderfoot does not plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Tenderfoot has played with such bands as The Gloria Record, Squad Five-0, Link80, Peterbuilt, Dogwood, MU330, Value Pac, Spit Valves, Skiff Dank, Carlisle, Denison Marrs, The Miracle Youth, Legends of Rodeo, Recess Theory, Further Seems Forever, Keith Welsh, Pistis, Tomorrow, Chase Theory, Bible of the Self, Fan Mail, and Ghoti Hook, among others. Local venues the boys have played include Firestone, Sapphire Supper Club, D.I.Y. records, The Porch, Counter Vulture, and Heckles and Jeckles.


Tenderfoot started in 1998 when Dear Ephesus got off tour and decided to take some time off. Brett had some songs that he had written about the difficulties of tour and things of that nature.

So Jeff and Louis helped Brett out a bit and they played some shows around Orlando as a three piece mostly for fun. They were playing birthday parties and house shows, anything that basically Dear Ephesus didn't play.

They played just for the love of rock and roll for nothing else. Squad Five-0 and World Against World decided to let them come out with them for all of their Florida shows in November of 1998.

When they got home from that little rock and roll jaunt, they came home to play what would eventually be the last Dear Ephesus show. Brett and Louis were really falling in love with Tenderfoot and the other guys could tell, so it was time for them to part ways.

In the following months they found Adam Vandergriff. He was in a band that Dear Ephesus used to always play with called S.O.C.K.S. The first time he came over, he knew all the songs and he seemed like a perfect fit. That is how they began and they are looking forward to what is gonna come next.

They just want to write songs that rock and make you sing along.“


Label Bio

Bulletboy's highly successful modern rock band Dear Ephesus, has spun off a new side project featuring band members Brett Levenson and Lou Difabrizo. While Dear Ephesus has pushed their sound into the more modern, sometimes quirky new rock, Tenderfoot hearkens back to early Ephesus with raw, high-energy, lo-fi rock.

Levenson explains: “With Ephesus, there's a lot of studio tinkering that goes on - the equivalent of special effects in a movie - and it always sounds great, but with the Tenderfoot project, we really just relied on our own energy. A lot of this was practically recorded live, and many times we chose to overlook some minor mistake for the sake of saving the emotion of the track.”

Fans of Dear Ephesus, and of other emo-rock bands will certainly find plenty to love in Tenderfoot's first release, The Devil and Rock 'N Roll, but so will more garage and punk fans as well, as the band stomps their way through the release's nine tracks.”



2000 The Devil and Rock N' Roll Bulletproof Music

The Devil and Rock N' Roll

2000 Bulletproof Music ‎(BPD3048)

  1. Paid in Full
  2. #1
  3. The Beauty of Iowa
  4. Broken Bones
  5. Hindsight
  6. The Low Road to Heaven
  7. The Lions Share
  8. Scapegoat
  9. All the Stars
  10. Newburn