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The Amazing Bone

Industrial Metal

Kevin Guitierrez - guitars, programming
Tim Guitierrez - vocals, bass

The Amazing Bone (named after a comic book character) was a not-entirely-serious band described as post-grunge and sometimes compared to KMFDM. The music is brutally heavy, with lots of very loud guitars and yelled vocals.

Kevin Guitierrez (aka Keven 131) was also part of Sorrow of Seven/Aleixa.


199? Demo v1
199? Demo v2
199? Demo v3
1994 Demo v4


1994 Independent

  1. Frightened Dogs
  2. Butterfly
  3. Real
  4. Smashed Eye Socket
  5. Aura
  6. Enemy
  7. Motorcycle, Man

“Brutally heavy, brutally intense stuff! The material on The Amazing Bone's fourth demo can be generalized as aggressive industrial-metal in the vein of Chatterbox or Generation. In reality, though, that only accurately fits about half the of the songs here. Showing more diversity than many bands of this style, these guys augment the chugging guitars and driving percussion with a few other elements. The song “Butterfly” has some really cool metal-on-metal percussion and “Aura” has funky beats and programming and pseudo-rap vocals ala Meat Beat Manifesto. The vocals help in providing a different feel in some other songs as well. Rather than their usual form of intense yelling, a few tracks have a gothic vibe to the singing. Most of the songs are strictly for those that are into the heaviest side of industrial, but the occasional track will also interest others. If loud and intense is your thing, check these guys out. (by Carson Pierce)”