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The Electric Praise Band

Rock Worship
Merritt Island, Florida, USA


The Electric Praise Album

1986 Independent

Darrell Mansfield – Vocals on “Let Our God Be Magnified”
Kelly Williard – Vocals on “No Other Love”
Alwyn Wall – Vocals on “Wait on the Lord”
Malcolm Wild – Vocals on “O Lord We've Come to Worship You” and “King of All Creation”

  1. O Lord We've Come to Worship You
  2. No Other Love
  3. King of All Creation
  4. I Stand in Awe of You
  5. You Are Lovely
  6. Let Our God Be Magnified
  7. Wait on the Lord
  8. Let the Heavens Rejoice
  9. You are My King
  10. Holy is Your Name
  11. The Lord God Reigns