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The Emergency / Enemy Ships

Garage Rock

The Emergency (a.k.a. Enemy Ships) was a short lived super group that garnered some major label interest, but then disappeared once the label changed focus.

They were signed to Atlantic Records and recorded an album called Enemy Ships with Ken Andrews as producer. At some point, they had to change their band name to Enemy Ships, with The Emergency becoming the name of their first album. Though the album was slated to be released sometime between March and August of 2003 it was scrapped before seeing the light of day.

Travis Zimmerman (Jupiter James/Bon Voyage) - Vocals
Jason Martin - (Starflyer 59) - Guitars
Dirk Lemmennes - (Starflyer 59/Stavesacre) - Bass
Ryan Denne (Stavesacre) - Guitars
Frank Lenz (Fold Zandura/Lassie Foundation/Starflyer 59) - Drums

At some point, Josh Dooley (Starflyer 59/Map) may have also played guitar.


2003 The Emergency

The Emergency

2003 Unreleased

  1. Theme Song
  2. Any Way You Want It
  3. Sorry Doesn't Work
  4. Rock American Style
  5. Slow Poke
  6. Wrong Place, Right Time
  7. Broken Hearts Don't Stop
  8. Bullets And Guns
  9. Love Jones
  10. Look On My Face
  11. Derailer
  12. Oblivion