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The Fraidy Cats

Punk Rock
Greeley, Colorado, USA


1998? Anthems for a New Suburbia
1999 Hoopie Rides Again

Anthems for a New Suburbia

199? Independent

Gabe Grim - Vocals
Fluffy the Cat - Guitar
Teem - Bass
Animal - Drums

  1. Song
  2. Song

Hoopie Rides Again

1999 Bulletproof Music (BPD3036)

  1. Apathy, Purgatory, and My Ultimate Salvation
  2. Dan the German
  3. Kandie Anne Benett
  4. Pride in The United States Armed Forces
  5. John Wayne
  6. Burn
  7. Born Into a World of Darkness And Deceit
  8. Johnny Rockett
  9. The Del Mar
  10. Lift
  11. Won't You By My Neighbor
  12. Christian the Brave
  13. The Song of Ascents