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The Kind of Guys

Punk / Ska
Saginaw / Mt. Pleasant, MIchigan, USA

“Make sure you get it right, The Kind of Guys from Mt. Pleasant WEREN'T ska, they were Punk with horns. They were always a fun one and from 1998-ish to 2000, I saw them a ton. In 2001, the band emerged with a new artistic rock sound as Anathallo and wow did they do great things…”


1999 I Want My Stuff Back EP

I Want My Stuff Back EP

1999 Independent

  1. You're All My Freedom
  2. I've Had Enough
  3. Never Going Back
  4. Master Plan
  5. Corporate Sleeze
  6. Things Left Unsaid
  7. Torro
  8. Limited Warranty

Live Soundboard

1999 (no label)

Recorded live 9-25-1999.

Matt Joynt
Glenn King
Jonathan Koefoed
Ty Forquer
Bret Wallin
Jamie Macleod
Nate Sandberg

  1. “Boy Scouts”
  2. Limited Warranty
  3. Challenge in Life
  4. You're All My Freedom
  5. Forgive Not Forget
  6. Torro