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The Lucky Stiffs

Band:The Lucky Stiffs
Origin:California, USA
Genre:Alternative Rock
Years Active:1983-1987
Past Members:Milo Carter, Steve Hindalong, Tim Chandler
Associated Acts:The Choir, Daniel Amos

The Lucky Stuffs was a band formed by Milo Carter (vocals, guitars, and songwriting), Steve Hindalong (drums), and Tim Chandler (bass) in 1983. Carter was also known to fill in on guitars for Daniel Amos occasionally and even appeared in a promo photo of the band.


Started as a “club band” in 1983, The Lucky Stiffs came to work with Mark Heard and Tonio K among others. According to Heard:

Also I've produced some prototypes for a band called the Lucky Stiffs - I think their writing is amazing and their musicality is so interpretive and genuine. I've been mixing everything there and feel good about the sounds we've been getting. I think it's important for artists to be able to experiment with sounds in their recordings. (1987 section of the Mark Heard Tribute)

Around 1985 or 1986, The Lucky Stiffs were also almost involved with starting a label with Tonio K and others. According to Tonio K:

Prior to his signing with A&M in 1986, Tonio K. - along with Burnett, Stephen Soles, Mark Heard, and the alternative band the Lucky Stiffs - had toyed with the idea of establishing an independent label, and releasing a compilation album in both the secular and the religious markets. “We were going to make our records for ourselves,” says K., somewhat amused by the notion today, “and take out ads in the back pages of Rolling Stone and BAM, as well as in some gospel publications, since a lot of us were known to be Christians. The idea was that we would own the product ourselves, and we wouldn’t have to answer to anybody.” To manage the label, Heard suggested he and the others enlist the services of Tom Willet, a close friend who was then overseeing the A&R department at the well-known Christian label, Word Records. Convinced such a project was destined to fail, however, Willet dissuaded K. and the others from going through with their plans, and suggested instead that they simply release the proposed album on both Word and in the secular marketplace. As things turned out, the compilation never came to fruition, but both Romeo Unchained and its follow-up, Notes from the Lost Civilization, were released concurrently on both A&M and the Word imprint, What? Records. (Tonio K Interview)

There also exists an interview that contains a conversation between Carter, Heard, Dan Russell, and Tim Alderman (the graphic artist who designed the Tribal Opera jacket). Alderman was also said to have worked with the Lucky Stiffs at some point, but what that the nature of that project was is unclear.


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