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The Mercy Bell

Alternative Rock
Brisbane, Australia

Formed in 1992 as Eat the Menu, but changed names in 1997 and re-released Whoosh on Polydor with a couple of the tracks removed (“Horrible Place” was included on the All We Can Do single and “Waste (Those Funky Vocals Loser)” was included on Always single simply titled “Waste”). Rebecca Boucher Burns and Butterfly Boucher are sisters.


1997 All We Can Do [single] Polydor
1997 Whoosh Polydor
1997 Always [single] Polydor
1998 Spare Us [single] Polydor

All We Can Do

1997 Polydor (5734432)

  1. All We Can Do
  2. Let It Ride (live)
  3. Horrible Place
  4. All We Can Do (Dinky Mix)


1997 Polydor (5371922)

Rebecca Boucher - Vocals, recorder
Josh Thomson - Guitars, vocals, vibraphone, cabassa, sticks, synth
Butterfly Boucher - Bass, vocals, hammond organ, clavinet, nylon string guitar, piano, drums
Dale Rankine - Drums, bongos, congas, tamborine, bells

  1. All We Can Do
  2. Wallpaper Faces
  3. Always
  4. Spare Us
  5. Get Out
  6. Home
  7. Picking Daisies
  8. Headless Turtle
  9. Follow
  10. Far Too High
  11. Breath of Fresh Air


1997 Polydor (5734412)

  1. Always (single edit)
  2. Hole is Carved
  3. Broken
  4. Waste
  5. Always (DJ Dizzy Dan remix)

Spare Us

1998 Polydor (5693712)

  1. Spare Us
  2. Home (live)
  3. The Guilty One (demo)
  4. Spare Us (remix)