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The Mission

Hard Rock
Long Island City, New York, USA

This band later went by the name of “Baldino's New York City Mission.” Mark Buttafuoco was also a member of Trial by Fire.


1985 Face the World Revelation Records
1986 God Fearin' Man / From Another Land Revelation Records

Face the World

1985 Revelation Records (Rev. LP-777-1)

Baldino - Lead vocals, guitars
Mark Buttafuoco - Lead guitars
Jimmy Silver - Bass
Gary Ben Henry - Drums
Valerie Castanas - Background vocals

  1. Reborn
  2. I've Got Jesus
  3. Made Alive
  4. You Are The Light
  5. From Another Land
  6. Face The World
  7. Words Cannot Describe
  8. Get Saved
  9. God Fearin' Man
  10. Song For The Lost Sheep

At some point after this record, Valerie Castanas and Gary Ben Henry were replaced by Lori Cruz and Joe Pesola.

God Fearin' Man / From Another Land

1986 Revelation Records (Rev. 45-333-2)

  1. God Fearin' Man
  2. From Another Land