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The Notebored Serious Rock 'n' Roll CD Sampler

Year: 1990
Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Gothic, Rap

Created by Notebored magazine.

Track Listing

  1. David Mullen - “Fallen World”
  2. Living in Canaan - “These are the Days”
  3. Holy Soldier - “Tear Down the Walls”
  4. Tourniquet - “You Get What You Pray For”
  5. After Eleven - “Black and White”
  6. Dead Artist Syndrome - “Dance With Me”
  7. Julie Miller - “Song for the Devil (I'm Thru With You)”
  8. Idle Cure - “Pray”
  9. D-Boy - “G.O.D.S. Posse in Effect”