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The Scam

New Wave / Disco / Skit / Hard Rock
Spring House, Pennsylvania, USA


1982 Video Veggie
1984 Mr. Jonah Ozone

Video Veggie

1982 Independent

Bob DeMoss - Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, background vocals, lead vocals on “Disco Twinky”
Jim Salamone - Drums, percussion, synthesizers, background vocals
Keith Jones - Lead vocals on “Disco Twinky”

Mike Sanders - Bass
Wayne Farley - Keyboards
John Bolles - Background vocals
Adam DeClario - Lead vocal on “Video Veggie
Glenn Barrett - Background vocals

  1. Video Veggie
  2. Disco Twinky

Mr. Jonah

1984 Ozone (OZ 200)

Bob DeMoss - Rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Jim Salamone - Drums, Simmons
Keith Jones - Crowd control

James Ward - Lead vocals on “Get Saved!,” Synthesizers
Wayne Farley - Rhythm guitar, bass
Bobby Dee - Lead vocal on “Mr. Jonah”
John Linton - Vocal on “Mr. Jonah”

  1. Mr. Jonah
  2. Get Saved! (sung to the tune of Eric Clapton's “Cocaine”)