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The Silvermen

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Bill Brown (of DigHayZoose fame) formed The Silvermen after the demise of DHZ. He recruited fellow DHZ band-mate David “Zoop” Coonce to play on their one release.


2000 Pioneers of the Intergalactic Frontier Ashland Records

Pioneers of the Intergalactic Frontier

2000 Ashland Records

William Brown - Vocals, bass
David “Zoop” Coonce - Vocals, guitar
Paul Pace Jr. - Drums

  1. Arrival
  2. Goes Around, Comes Around
  3. All We Are
  4. Test #37
  5. Dr. Solar…..
  6. Scan for Signal
  7. Greenhill 21
  8. Light Test
  9. Infrared
  10. AM Reception
  11. Ball of Continents
  12. Don't Spill
  13. The 50's Song
  14. House Off the Ground
  15. Lunar Love

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