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The Sirago 17

Alternative Rock
Clovis, California, USA

Chris Reid started recording under the name The Sirago 17 in 1992. Initially he made sounds with assorted instruments and his then-girlfriend/now-wife Elli sang as needed. They were most prolific in 1995-97 when they recorded the bulk of their material and played live 2 1/2 times. At some point during this time, Chris and Pablo jokingly decided they needed to form Fresno County’s only Spacemen 3 tribute band. And, after a decade of inactivity, Chris and Pablo finally decided to dust off the S17 name and maybe not do THAT, but do something.


1995 Bedspins


1995 Independent

  1. Bedspins
  2. Sedative
  3. Away
  4. How Long?
  5. Gazer
  6. Playing with Fire
  7. Bedspins