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Post-Industrial Death Funk
Monrovia, California, USA

“The industrial revolution is dead and the West has entered into an age of decline. '60s optimism has been crushed by war, poverty, drugs and human nature… The vision of utopia has been replaced by the spectre of Doomsday.

A time has come to replace the old aesthetic with a new one. The Terminal Generation is creating a new standard with fat beats to crush the truth into the heads of the ignorant, bombastic bass to make chests hurt, industrial keyboards to remind the masses of the materialistic oppression they live under, screaming guitars to represent today's anxiety and psychotic vocals that bring into question the sanity of sick society.

We exist to slaughter the sacred cows of modern thought who Dr. Schaeffer has described as saying, “Man is dead. God is dead. Life has become meaningless existence. Man is a cog in a machine. The only way of escape lies in a non-rational fantasy world of experience, drugs, absurdity, pornography, an elusive 'final experience', madness…” To this we say die.”

The Terminal Generation started in 1989 before calling it quits in late 1995. In their own words, The Terminal Generation's sound is “post-industrial death funk.” Proclaimed as “the scariest band on the planet,” they also have no fear in dealing with controversial topics such as abortion and feminism head-on.

After shutting the project down, they briefly explored the secular side of the scene under the band name Echo Death Trunk. Members of this project included TermGen alum King Edward, Stinky, and Hugo and their new sound was described as tribal-sonic-industrial-doom-rock. After also doing some music as Fester, The Terminal Generation was resurrected.

“The Terminal Generation was formed in 1989. Soon after, they began to gig in early 1990. They released Die Like a Pig to critical acclaim, The Sodomization of the Free World Nation to critical disdain, and Pop-Culture Junkie to the shock of their enemies.

Due to their big mouths and lack of pseudo-piety, they were derided and disdained by almost everyone in the Los Angeles music scene. They were having their shows shut down by the police, due to rumors about instigating riots. They were banned by almost every promoter in the area; after announcing a show, they would find the gig cancelled by anonymous accusations. They were even banned from Rock for Life because they actually said out loud abortion is murder.

The project has never shut down, they only put it on hiatus when they had more important things to do. The name was often changed to throw off their enemies. Now that they have allies in high places, they can play under their own name again.

No one quits this band except by death. And we have had one member die, AKA MR. Scab their old live trumpet player. R.I.P. The members of The Terminal Generation consider the band a thorn in their flesh that they must bear with patiently.”


1992 Die Like a Pig
1993 The Sodomization of the Free World Nation
1994 Pop Culture Junkie
199? Bleed (split with Beauty for Ashes)
1995 Hate Without Reason
1997 Bite the Hand That Feeds You
1999 How Long Will You…
2004 Rejects
2009 Everyone Prays There is No God

Die Like a Pig

1992 Independent

The Sodomization of the Free World Nation

1993 Independent

  1. Origin of Feces
  2. Me and My Demons
  3. Suck You Down
  4. Body Bag
  5. Human Garbage
  6. The Pain

Pop Culture Junkie

1994 Independent

Hugo - Vocal noises
Matt - Guitar killer, programmer extraordinaire
Jesse - Keyboard and drum smasher

  1. Body Bag
  2. Origin of Feces
  3. She is the Devil
  4. Tumor
  5. Suck You Down
  6. My Left Hand
  7. Not My fault
  8. Me & My Demons
  9. The Pain


199? Independent

Hate Without Reason

1995 Independent

Bite the Hand That Feeds You

1997 Independent

How Long Will You...

1999 Independent


2004 Independent

  1. Forgive and Forget
  2. What I Learned About Evil
  3. Guilty of Things
  4. Horrible Things
  5. Kings of Filth
  6. I Know I'm Evil
  7. One World Toilet
  8. Watch the World Burn
  9. Not a Good Liar
  10. Going to Hell

Everyone Prays There is No God

2009 Independent

  1. Burnt Toast Future
  2. Duh Knuckle Song
  3. Sikh Twisted Puppet
  4. Auctioneer
  5. Born Losin Born Lying
  6. Slave in Slave Out
  7. Guilty of Things
  8. Distory
  9. A Perfect Life
  10. Twisted Inside
  11. Witch Is the Opposite of God
  12. Japanese Hit Gurl
  13. Thou Shall Not Dil
  14. What I Know About Evil
  15. Life Death Pain
  16. This Maggot of Man
  17. Forsake Me
  18. No Memories in Hell
  19. Good Liar
  20. Thick Like a Slug