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Thee Evangelist M.C.

Pontiac, Michigan, USA


1992 Sin Assasinator C-Boy Productions

Sin Assasinator

1992 C-Boy Productions

Executive Producer : Pierre D. Mayo

On Tape and J-Card is printed “Bootleg Version”, but this is the original tape.

  1. Midnight Hour of Terror
  2. Apocalypse Now
  3. On the Rampage
  4. My Hero
  5. Positive Vibe
  6. Sin Assassinator
  7. The 23rd Psalm

“This album was a promise of great things to come from this young man. I heard some of what would have been the follow up and it blew away the great tunes that were on this record.” Pierre Mayo, from

Translation of a review found here

Thee Evangelist MC has begun in the context of gospel rap pioneers D-Boy Rodriguez and MC Ge Gee, for which he was briefly worked as a producer and tour DJ. In contrast to the consistently radio-friendly sound of the brother and sister from Dallas he beats himself on his debut release in much harsher tones. And with Calculus: “This project which recorded as raw as possible without losing sound quality. I wanted you guys to see how we used to do it straight-up from the streets. ”

So is it in the inlay and therefore sounds Sin Assassinator then, with forward lashing beats, dirty samples, siren sounds and shrill Scratches. By itself this rough sound is not so poorly when it comes to the necessary vocal power, the rapping producer of Pontiac does however wish to severely left. Thin voice, weak flow - rock bottom mark the lousy singing experiments in “Positive Vibe”.

At least the music to get especially in the powerful marching forward “On The Rampage” and “Apocalypse Now” at his own expense, to sound the same as the title promises, and could also be measured with the secular market. Much better can be on the lean early years of Christian rap anyway say rarely.