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Thee Spivies

Rockabilly/Surf Rock
Long Beach, California, USA

Just Thee greatest band of all time. Tell your parents kids -Chris Luna, Downey, Ca

Thee Spivies Formed in 1994 in San Diego, CA, during the turbulent Nirvana/STP era, as a counter to the ever harder alternative music scene. Clark, Ivan, Chis and Rob started the band with a dream of one day moving to Long Beach, CA, and playing small clubs where the bartenders would say that they where the best band that has ever played their club. Realizing that there are so many more bartenders out there they toured the U.S. with the hope of finding the one bartender that would know they only drank orange juice. This dream was never realized.

In 2000-something, Rob left the band to pursue a career in child development. He is the only Spivie that succeeded in his goals after the band was no more.

Phil joined the band as the bass player shortly after recording the rare “Wait for Dial Tone” album. Phil embodied the spirit of the thee Spivies and rocked. The “Rob Forever” protesters may have hurt Phil's feelings, but the others could not see the heartache if it existed.

Clark is still experimenting with electronic audio hair color transference. His experiments have yielded no usable data.

Ivan went into the wild Trabuco Canyon looking for his lost mojo in 2003, and has not been seen since.

Chris has started a music industry business that focuses on alternating children in silkscreen ink barrels. No marketable results have occured.

Phil has also stayed in the music industry, producing bands like; “The Contif Singers Tribute Band” and “Way out in Pamona” an MNM tribute band. He has sold 10 records to the family members of the bands.

It is rumored that once a year on a cold winter night the band gets back together and plays a session for a very special bartender, minus Ivan of course. Andy Summers has been known to substitute for the wayward traveler.

- Spivies Historian, California


1996 Come and Take a Ride with Thee Spivies Hand-Me-Down Records
1996 Just a Closer Walk With… ‎(7“) Hand-Me-Down Records
1997 Ready or Not, Here We Come Jackson Rubio Recordings
1998 Don't Be a “Johnny-Come-Lately” ‎(7”) Hand-Me-Down Records / Jackson Rubio Recordings
1999 Wait for Dial Tone Jackson Rubio Recordings

Come and Take a Ride with Thee Spivies

1996 Hand-Me-Down Records (HMD 001)

Clark – Guitar
Ivan – Guitar
Rob – Bass
Chris – Drums

  1. Don’t Know It
  2. So Tell Me
  3. Johnny-Come-Lately
  4. Tilting The Windmill
  5. I Figured It Out
  6. Fire Safety

Just A Closer Walk With...

1996 Hand-Me-Down Records ‎(HMD 002)

Clark – Guitar
Ivan – Guitar
Robby – Bass
Chris – Drums

  1. So Tell Me
  2. Family Wagon
  3. Rendezvous at the Astro Burger
  4. Cricket

Ready or Not, Here We Come

1997 Jackson Rubio Recordings (JRD104)

Clark – Guitar
Ivan – Guitar
Rob – Bass
Chris – Drums

  1. Hey, Girl
  2. Can't Help Wonder Why
  3. One and Only
  4. …..Banjo
  5. So Tell Me
  6. You Told Me So
  7. Jupiter in My Rearview Mirror
  8. Holly
  9. Johnny-Come-Lately
  10. Creepy
  11. Could It Be
  12. Tilting the Windmill
  13. Fire Safety
  14. Sometime
  15. Don't Know It

Don't Be a "Johnny-Come-Lately" ‎

1998 Hand-Me-Down Records (HMD 003) / Jackson Rubio Recordings

Clark – Guitar
Ivan – Guitar
Rob – Bass
Chris – Drums

  1. Johnny-Come-Lately
  2. Caught in The Tractor Beams of a Vulcan Mind Meld

Wait for Dial Tone

1999 Jackson Rubio Recordings

  1. Mr. Know-It-All (3:17)
  2. She Won't Go (2:13)
  3. Girl (2:17)
  4. I Dream of Genie (1:55)
  5. Tell the Truth (2:16)
  6. Laws of Motion (2:03)
  7. I Wish (3:00)
  8. Railroad Tracks (3:34)
  9. Breathing Patterns (4:07)
  10. Chemistry (3:42)
  11. Pilgrim or Five (2:23)
  12. Destination: Nowheresville! (2:30)
  13. I Figured It Out (2:49)
  14. Something in the Way (2:08)
  15. Nothing at All (2:14)
  16. Tell Me Why (2:52)