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Titanium Waffle

Alternative Rock
El Paso, Texas, USA

Keith Giles was also in Arrival. After Arrival, he joined Unknown Soldier. He then went on to form Elysian Skies.

Titanium Waffle was named after a form of aluminum/titanium alloy used in manufacturing - Lee Hammar worked as a metallurgical engineer for Alcoa in Austin, TX when the band recorded their demo tape.


Serious Music

199? Independent

Lee Hammar - All guitars, vocals, lyrics
Keith Giles - Vocals, lyrics

  1. Archangel
  2. If Only
  3. See How They Run
  4. Outlaw
  5. All the Stars
  6. Close the Heart
  7. For a Climber
  8. A Holy Man
  9. Wound Up Tight
  10. Faith
  11. Morning Sky

Only about 4 of those songs were Titanium Waffle songs. The rest of the songs had lyrics that were written by Keith Giles but recorded solo by Lee Hammar. Giles included them on this tape to round out the playlist since the “band” was basically just the two of them messing around on a weekend.