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To Be Announced

Pop Punk
Vassar, Michigan, USA

To Be Announced only had a short life of about 1999-2000. Scott Sheppard was the only band member from Vassar. The other guys were all from neighboring Millington. They recorded their one demo at the Millington United Methodist Church with their electric drum set because the band didn't have the ability to mic a drum set. The band came up with a long list of demo tape titles and couldn't pick one - so they technically used all of them on the front cover.

Sheppard later made a documentary called An Act of Love. The movie documents the story of United Methodist pastor Frank Schaefer, the former Lebanon County minister who challenged his church's stance on gay marriage, becoming the face of equal rights.

There were also two more hardcore songs that they didn't record.


A Caveman Love Story...

2000 Independent

Scott Sheppard - Vocals
Josh Keef - Guitar, BGV's
Jermey - Bass
Nick - Drums, BGV's

  1. Bored
  2. Worth It?
  3. Alone & Happy
  4. Drifter
  5. Welcome Mat
  6. Regular Guy