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Experimental Noise
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Thomas Sutter of Regicide Bureau and Next Radio invited Zygurat Consortium and Beta Carrotene from Hornswoggle over to his home studio for an evening of noise-making merriment in 1994, and Trou-De-Loup was the result.


1994 Cerebral Corset Oral Gestation Artefacts

Cerebral Corset

1994 Oral Gestation Artefacts (OGA 01)

Zygurat Q Consortium - Voice, guitar, violin, turntables, synth
Tom Sutter - Guitar, synth, cornet, clarinet, turntables
Beta Carrotene - Violin, turntables, synth

  1. Sorry Moustache (Dedicated to Peter Davidson)
  2. Monosurrealist Gluteous Maximates
  3. Is It Dandruff, or is It Parmesan?
  4. Portent Storm
  5. The Dough Also Rises: Being the Unholy Earthly Advent of the Yeast Beast From the Brazen Piepan Altar of Our Greed Forged From the Remains of the Molten Tokens of Caesar's Plunder, That Leaven's the Whole Lump of Our Corrupted Consciousness. Part One
  6. Kachina
  7. The Ultramontane Answer
  8. Musings on a Miniature Monastic Flogging
  9. Good Little Robots