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Turn or Burn / His-Story

Year: 1988
Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
City: Dayton, Ohio, USA

Messenger & Souldier are no longer together due to the formation of Archangel. A new up & coming commercial metal band for Christ. Be watching for Them!!!!!”

War Minister were a non-Christian positive metal band that was tour mates with The Messenger.

Track Listing

  1. The Messenger - “Rockin' for the King”
  2. War Minister / The Messenger Radio Spot
  3. The Messenger - “Turn or Burn” (Turn or Burn demo)
  4. The Messenger - “Round and Round” (Turn or Burn demo)
  5. The Messenger - “Narrow is the Way” (Turn or Burn demo)
  6. The Messenger - “Narrow is the Way” (remix) (Turn or Burn demo)
  7. The Messenger - “Battlezone” (Turn or Burn demo)
  8. The Messenger - “My Life to You” (Turn or Burn demo)
  9. The Messenger - “ Rockin' for the King” (remix) (Turn or Burn demo)
  10. Souldier - “Never without You”
  11. Souldier - “Armed And Ready”
  12. War Minister - “Out of the Ashes” (Out of the Ashes demo)
  13. War Minister - “We Rock to Rock” (Out of the Ashes demo)
  14. War Minister - “Get Started” (Out of the Ashes demo)
  15. War Minister - “With You All Along” (Out of the Ashes demo)
  16. The Messenger - “Saved from Sin” (last practice 1988)
  17. The Messenger - “Alien Suicide” (last practice 1988)
  18. The Messenger - “I'll Never Leave You” (last practice 1988)

“Rockin' For The King” recorded August 18-20, 1986
War Minister / Messenger Radio Spot recorded June 18, 1987 at WTUE Dayton
Turn or Burn demo recorded August 13-15, 1987
Out of the Ashes demo © 1986
Last practice song recorded January 1988, but never released