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Weeping Prophet

Progressive/Thrash Metal
Akron, Ohio, USA


On The Verge of Tears

1992 Independent

Jim Workman – Vocals
Stewart Hilton – Guitars
Walt Wise – Bass
John Joyce – Drums

  1. The Voice
  2. Diotrephes
  3. The Warning
  4. p32


1993 Independent

Walt Wise - Bass
John Joyce - Drums
Stewart Hilton - Guitars
Jim Workman - Vocals

All songs by Weeping Prophet except #3 by Jim Workman, Kevin Thompson, and Devon Campbell; and #2 by Jim Workman and Kevin Thompson

  1. Circle of Blood
  2. Revelation
  3. Laughter
  4. Slaughter of the Innocent
  5. Anorexic

“Pretty dark lyrics set to angry vocals. Music is heavy and doomy. Occasional breakthrough lead guitar work is refreshing. This is not happy metal, look at MOST of the song titles.” - oldschooldoom (from