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What? Records

Name: What? Records
Founded: 1986
Location: USA

What? Records was a short-lived record label started by Word Records and A&M Records, intended to focus on creative and unusual rock and roll records with spiritual messages.

In the short time that the label existed, it released albums by Mark Heard (under the name of iDEoLA), Tonio K (two albums, the second of which was produced by T-Bone Burnett), and Chagall Guevara's Dave Perkins.



WR-8340 Tonio K Romeo Unchained 1986
7-01-684906-6 Ideola Tribal Opera 1987
7-01-683161-2 Dave Perkins The Innocence 1987
7-01-686861-3 Tonio K Notes From the Lost Civilization 1988