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Rap / Rapcore Metal
California, USA

Todd Stevens is XL, a nick name he was given by the Dynamic Twins in 1990 because of his size. Stevens uses the “XL” name by itself when he records rap albums. He formed the band “XL & DBD” (Death Before Dishonor) to perform his unique style of rapcore metal (which he was performing well before it became popular in the 90s). XL has performed live with SFC, Dynamic Twins, Peace 586, Mortal, and other bands. He has also performed on albums by SFC, Apocalypse, Dynamic Twins, and others.

Stevens is also a member of other bands like Psalt and 20 LB Sledge.


199? XL Demo
1991 XL This Isn't Your Ordinary Everyday Rap
1993 XL & DBD Sodom and America Brainstorm Artists International
2002 XL & DBD Live From Ninevah​.​.​.​ What Next
2006 XL The Original 4th Man Records
2016 XL & DBD Offensive Truth, Vol. 1
2016 XL & DBD Offensive Truth, Vol. 2
2019 XL & DBD Offensive Truth, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (reissue) Roxx Records


199? Independent

  1. Right One
  2. Happy Go Lucky
  3. Grandma's Advice
  4. Hallelujah
  5. Punk Thing
  6. On the Smooth Tip
  7. Return
  8. DBR
  9. Spontaneous
  10. The Best Thing
  11. Praise God

This Isn't Your Ordinary Everyday Rap

1991 Independent

Participants: XL (Todd Stevens), Sean Gurule, Francine Saucedo, Marta Saldana, MVP, Ann Arcade, Tony Williams, DJ Dove and DJ Cartoon, Super C, Teresa Williams, Blanca Martinez, The C.O.G., Bill Morrison, DII, Julie Stewart, Philosophy, Justin Kissen, Mom and G-Ma Stevens, Salvador, Cesar and Pedro, Jeanie Slocum, Salo, Chill and to my man Efrim for hangin on through all the havoc.

  1. Where You Wanna Go (3:14)
  2. Wrath of God (3:15)
  3. Spontaneous (4:46)
  4. Right One (3:28)
  5. Somethin' You Never Had (2:59)
  6. Hallelujah (3:59)
  7. Return (5:30)
  8. And I'm Free (1:24)
  9. Headin' to the Cross (1:45)
  10. Happy Go Lucky (2:40)
  11. Got a Good Thing (3:29)
  12. Done by the Real King (1:37)
  13. Grandma's Advice (3:36)
  14. 1991 D.B.R. (4:32)
  15. Comin' Up (4:00)
  16. Romanian Testimony (4:53)
  17. Praise God (3:39)
  18. On the Smooth Tip (4:27)
  19. Datin' Your Daughter (Intro) (1:40)
  20. Datin' Your Daughter (3:07)
  21. Pool of Regrets (2:47)
  22. Put Me On Your Roster (3:39)

Sodom and America

1993 Brainstorm Artists International (7100534674)

XL - Vocals, guitar, bass, drums

Greg Minier - Guitar on “Brother to the Saboteur” and “Sifting With the Sickle”
Jimmy P. Brown II - Guitar on “Sodom and America,” “My So Called Friend Death,” “Die (That Settles It!),” and “Brink of Insanity”
Mark Salomon - Vocals on “Sodom and America”
Shawn Gurule - Guitar on “Kiss of Chaos”
Super C (aka Sup the Chemist of SFC) - Vocals on “Death Before Dishonor”
Greg Lawless - Guitar on “Don't Fool Yourself”
Brett Cadell (Wickeds End) Vocals on “My So Called Friend Death” and “Die (That Settles It!)“
Doug Shumway - Bass on “Die (That Settles It!)” and “Woman”
Mike Phillips (Deliverance, Fasedown) - Guitar on “Fatal Blow”
James Timony - Vocals on “Brink of Insanity”

Produced by Gene Eugene and XL

  1. Brother to the Saboteur (3:01)
  2. Sodom and America (3:11)
  3. Kiss of Chaos (3:16)
  4. Death Before Dishonor (3:11)
  5. Don't Fool Yourself (3:14)
  6. My So Called Friend Death (2:44)
  7. Die (That Settles It!) (3:34)
  8. Woman (3:59)
  9. Fatal Blow (3:59)
  10. Sifting With the Sickle (3:01)
  11. Brink of Insanity (3:38)
  12. Afrocka (3:48)