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Puerto Rico

From the band's Facebook page:

“Zadok started around 1991 or '92 with Rafael (guitar), Luis (bass) and Enzo (drums) in Ponce, Puerto Rico. David Torres was the original singer. Later he was replaced by Alex. First cassette tape demo was recorded around 1992 or '93 with Alex doing the vocals. After a couple of shows the band broke up. A few months later the band started again with Rafael switching to Lead vocals/ guitar and Reinaldo playing the guitar. Lyrics were translated into Spanish. A 2nd cassette tape demo was recorded in 1994. Album cover was made by L.G. Williams (Tempered Steel Radio show). Jorge Castro (Cadaver, Gran Jefe, Cornucopia, etc) was guest background vocalist on a couple of songs on the '94 demo. A few months later the band broke up again. RIP. Rafael and Luis now play with The Right Wing Conspiracy. Enzo was the founder and member of Clear Convictions. Reinaldo played with Anagema.

David: original lead singer 1991-92?
Alex: lead singer 1992-93? (Lead singer on 1993 demo)
Rafael: guitar (demo '93-'94) (Lead singer on 1994 demo) original member
Luis: bass (demo '93-'94) original member
Enzo: drums (demo '93-'94) original member
Reinaldo: guitar (demo 1994)”

From various issues of Screams of Abel:

  • “Puerto Rican grindcore band Zadok already have a live rehearsal demo which includes a rather unique version of “Happy Birthday To You”. They will be recording their demo this spring.”
  • “Puerto Rican grindcore band Zadok will be recording their actual demo in May, which some would consider the follow-up to their popular live rehearsal tape. Song titles on the rehearsal tape include “Libertinaje de Expresion,” “Lo que Realmente,” and “Filosofias Baratas.” These are (obviously) in Spanish while many of their other tunes are in English.”


1992 Demo Tape 1992
1993 Demo Tape 1993
1994 Demo Tape 1994

Demo Tape 1992

1992 Independent

  1. Put Your Sight (2:51)
  2. The Answer (0:05)
  3. Spouse Killed (1:19)
  4. One Race (1:39)

Demo Tape 1993

1993 Independent

  1. Put Your Sight (2:57)
  2. One Race (1:40)

Demo Tape 1994

1994 Independent

  1. El Gran Yo Soy (2:05)
  2. Conyugue Asesinado (1:38)
  3. Tu Unica Alternativa (0:04)
  4. A`no Nuevo Vida Nueva (2:10)
  5. Convercion (1:48)
  6. Suicidio Voluntario (0:21)
  7. Excusas (2:24)
  8. Una Raza (1:35)