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J.C. Rose

Band:J.C. Rose
Years Active:1978-1979
Members:Jim Nicolson, Joe Taylor, Gary Wilson
Associated Acts:Boaz, The Lifesavors, Undercover

J.C. Rose is an early Christian alternative band that probably, along with the band Boaz, started around 1978. J.C. Rose and Boaz both had line-ups that were changing and intermixing. Members of The Lifesavors and Undercover came from both of these bands at one point.

Gary Wilson tells what he remembers of J.C. Rose in the book God's Not Dead (And Neither Are We). As of 1979, Jim Nicolson and Joe Taylor were both in the band, and they had a tape that Wilson liked. They were eventually able to convinced Wilson to join on drums. About 4-6 weeks after he joined, the band split up. Nicolson and Taylor went on to form Undercover.

Known Members
  • 1979 tape (demo?)