Twitter Dee and Twitter Dum

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Decided to start a twitter account just to post quick updates about interesting sites or news bits I find here and there.  Check it out at and be our “follower.”  Sounds cultish, huh? My twitter feed is also displayed in a widget on the left if you don’t want to drink the Web2.0 kool-aid.

Interviews are coming along great – we have some great information and background from Joshua Lory of L.S. Underground. Its always interesting to look at interview answers and wonder if you want to print the whole thing as in because it is full of great information, or write an actual article using quotes.  I guess we can do both, huh?  No page limits… no need to make room for more ads… hmmmm…. something to ponder….

So far we are looking at an October 8th launch date, in order to be closer to the new release of the L.S. Underground album. That’s not set in stone yet, but is looking more possible every day.

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