Drumroll Please…

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Matt and I just finished the press release for the magazine. I’m stoked that this is coming together. The first issue is almost complete and ready to go. The interviews are great so far! It’s so nice to have this magazine to put my energy into. My thanks to Matt for this, he does all the technical stuff, like setting up the website, the magazine, the blogs, the pictures, etc… and interviews and articles… come to think of it, i don’t know what i do around here:) So now we wait for the last pieces to come together. We already have cool interviews lined up for the future as well, so the fun will hopefully never end.

 So, take a break from the election culture that’s killing us and go plug in some tunes… turn ’em up and soak it in! When you get a chance check out one of Matt’s other sites if you haven’t already. The most in- depth resource about all things Michael Knott…  http://www.knottheads.com/index.php 

Listening To: The Flaming Lips, Michael Knott

Looking Forward To: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Oct.4 in NY (pit tickets in front of stage)

Watching: Super cool vintage horror shows from my buddy Shawn