Down the Final Stretch

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Issue 1 is shaping up, and we might even get it out on time!  The really cool thing is that we will have a Michael Knott painting for our cover.  Steve pulled that together – and it looks great (a preview is above).  All of the interviews are completed, final edits are happening, and the last touches are being put together.  If everything keeps sailing along, we should get this done on time.  Of course, that is usually when the bottom falls out on things… so I won’t count my chickens until they hatch and all.  But this is going to be a great issue, chock full of interesting stories and features.

Also tweaked the top image to fit the whole classic theme and all.  The full image will be used in the magazine – its a shot of a classic car that I saw at a junk yard when I was in an art class in college.  We would go out to these cool spots around town, take some pictures, and then go back and paint the pictures.