Get a Print Version of the First Issue!

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After several proofs and delays and me learning how to actually lay out a page for print, we can now offer a print version of our first issue!  We are offering this through an experimental print-on-demand service called MagCloud.  That means that we won’t go out of business printing up any issues that don’t get sold, but it also means that each issue will cost more than the average magazine at the bookstore.  The download version will still be free.  But if you want to get a printed version, we are offering it at cost.  The price for one issue will be $7 after shipping is added in.  I believe there are bulk discounts, but I am not sure what they are :)

The print version is the same as the download one, except some of the pages have been re-formatted to fit the print medium better.  This is not going to be for everyone, but we just wanted to make the option available for anyone interested.  Here is the link to the order page:

(if you go to the link above, and click on the “preview” link, you can get a free preview of the whole magazine)

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