The Second Issue is Shaping Up

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Cassette Tape

Our second issue is coming together in one form or another.  We cover many artists that have to work day jobs instead of doing music full time, so getting time with them can be difficult. But Steve is working hard at tracking down some good interviews for the next issue.

I noticed an editorial blurb in a recent issue of HM magazine where I guess someone had accused them of hating old music.  Which is kind of funny, considering that they also put out a fanzine on the side that spends about half the time covering older bands.  Weird.  But I guess you could possibly assume the opposite of Down the Line.  That we hate new music.  That’s not true at all.  I actually listened to some new song by some new band the other month.  So there.

Honestly, I did kind of worry that we might just not find any new bands that would mind being associated with the older bands that we also covered.  I fully expected that we would only get contacted by some really random bands that woud say something lke “dude – I am so in to that Marcus Knott fellow – check out our music” and then hear some bad death metal music growling something about their belief in Lord Satan or something.  In other words, some band just so desperate for attention that they are spamming everyone to get some attention.  But that didn’t happen at all.  We actually got contacted by several new bands that are obviously in to the same music we are – and are currently making music.  If the CDs get here in time, you may even get to read about them.  If not, then there is always next issue.  Or this blog.  Which no one is gonna read if we don’t update it more often….

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  1. Marcus, that is Michael’s less talented second cousin twice removed… right? For that answer “am I winnin’ something?”

    Thanks for all of your hard effort on the Mag!

  2. You win that tape pictured in the header of this post! It is the only know recording of Marcus’ classic “Booty Music For the Soul” album that was rejected by Word Records. You are in for quite a treat….

  3. Is that the one with the two controversial song:

    Doin’ My Hair To Prepare For The Rapture


    God spoke to Balaam through his ass (the 4 legged furry kind remix)