Cover Articles and Last Minute Changes

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I’ve always wondered why some magazines are in to those flip cover deals – two covers, half of the magazine is always backwards to the others.  Now that we are working on magazines, I see why.  When you end up with several stories that would make great cover articles, sometimes it is just hard to pick.

Our second issue was shaping up to be that way, with a really good story on Brian Doidge of L.S.U. and possible story on another big band.  Not to mention a really cool image of Doidge taken by Rick McDonough of Hidden from Blackout/Struck Last May/While Rome is Burning/etc.  We did get lucky, in a way… the “big band” was really busy this month and we got to bump that story to a future issue (hopefully the March-ish issue).

Also up for this issue is a Gene Eugene tribute article and catching up with Roger Rose of Mad at the World fame.  Probably will be out sometime in early January – depending on how the holidays go!  Merry Christmas!